Adult Angel Costumes

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Lace Angel Costume for Women

Oh, Bless Your Heart! Sometimes we think angels can kind of be sticks in the mud.


er, clouds. We assume they spend most of their time plucking on harps and combing their wing feathers.

The thing is, we earthly mortals are forgetting the major mission of those heavenly hosts. It's actually a lot of fun to scatter blessings over the earth's crust and follow people around, making sure they don't get hurt.

Nancy the angel told us the lowdown in a resent interview. She let us know how difficult it was to watch over a teenager.

In one day during summer break she stopped three traffic accidents, one incident with a venomous snake, and even a vicious run in with a poison ivy vine. She's been skydiving about a hundred times, rafted down countless white water rivers, and has even shot up into space to make sure her astronaut ward.

Who knew angels had such an adventurous responsibility. Product Details & Design This lush cream dress has a high neck, a gold-belted waist, and a long dress with a high-low cut.

The sheer sleeves have a loose cut at the elbow, giving you a romantic cut. The wings have a feathered pattern in a beautiful gold.

And of course, it's topped with a ruffled headband with a golden halo hanging out above it. Best of all, since this design is Made-By-Us you can be sure this costume is both unique and high quality.

Good thing, these angels have their hands full! Cloudy with a Chance of Harp strings Are you ready to get in touch with your blessed side?

Finish off this costume with a harp and gladiator sandals and you'll look right at home at the Pearly Gates. This is perfect for a sweet Halloween costume, plays, and Christmas pageants.

Your guardian angel is sure to appreciate this lovely choice!