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Annie Kids Costume

Musical Maven Don't take it personally your Broadway baby doesn'treally want to be an orphan. It's just that the story ofAnniehas swept them away and made them feel like anything is possible.

On the upside, your house has gotten spic n' span during their countless renditions with choreography of "It's a Hard-Knock Life," but on the downside, you've heard "Tomorrow" belted morning, noon, and night for weeks on end. Don't be a Miss Hanigan and dampen a kid's dream inspire her full musical potential in this Kid's Annie Costume!

Whether your child is Broadway-bound or they are just having fun, this classic theater look works for either a fun Halloween costume or a school production. It's a picture-perfect replica of Annie's original costume, and it will have your little one tapping, singing, and maybe even taking in stray dogs (oops, sorry 'bout that) to their heart's content.

Design & Details The only thing more iconic than Annie's curly red hair is her fiery red frock! This costume is a cute, A-line dress, complete with all the details slightly puffed sleeves, white cuffs, a white waistband and matching Peter Pan collar, and even a printed on golden locket!

If your kiddo isn't curly-hair blessed, then you can snag an Annie wig to complete the look, and draw on some cute freckles to boot. Door-to-Door Darling Tell your little starlet to warm up her pipes, because when your neighbors open their doors this Halloween, they are going to expect a performance!

And not tomorrow..

.right now!