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1 Up Extra Life Mushroom Can Cooler

It sure can be a tough job having to save Princess Peach day in and day out from that darn Bowser, with all of his annoying minions and those crafty puzzle-like worlds . All that running around and jumping would leave anyone parched.

You can bet that Mario and Luigi aren't above putting back a few cold ones after a hard day's work. Those are two plumbers that know the value of an ice cold beverage.

Although, every now and then, the super bros will get wrapped up in swapping stories of their adventures and let their beverages get too warm to enjoy. Party Foul!

Thankfully, Toad had a solution! He knows already how much those jumpy guys enjoy his 1Up mushrooms so he whipped up an invention that would extend the lifespan of their cold drinks!

Now the Mario Bros just need to slip their beverages in a One-Up Can Koozie and they can easily put a cold one down anytime without worries of a warm sip!

Futurama Slurm Can Cooler

Are you reading this in the future? Have they made Slurm yet?

What does it taste like? Are you addicted?

Silly question, of course you are! Do not go to the factory!

We hear gross things about how Slurm is made. Is there a way you could send us back some?

We want some! Give us the Slurm!

Sorry, we're not sure what just happened there. By the way, how did you get to the future?

Can we come? Will we get Slurm?

Oh? We just have to wait like everyone else?

Well, for those of us who are NOT in the future, we will just have to slip this Slurm Can Koozie around our regular (only slightly addictive) sodas and energy drinks. We repeat, DO NOT GO TO THE FACTORY!

Somethings are best left a mystery.
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Spinach Can Cooler

Who needs a gym when you're doing plenty of those 12 ounce curls? We're pretty sure if you do enough of those every weekend your forearms will be about as big as a sailor's!

The only problem with this kind of workout regimen is that all of your buddies will be convinced that you're not doing enough to build up the strength that you know you possess. Maybe there's some way to mask your liquid strength-building regimen with something they're convinced is healthier.

Maybe try this Spinach Koozie out on them. A can of spinach has tons of iron and it's a green thing that grows out of the ground so we're sure your health nut friends won't question you always walking around slamming down tons of the stuff.

We can't necessarily guarantee you'll have a crazy buff bod but you may feel as powerful as ever.

Yabba Dabba Brew Can Cooler

It is a very common misconception that the earliest brewery came out somewhere in Egypt or Germany. We're here to set the record straight.

The oldest known brewery is actually in the stone age town of Berdrock. We know this because Archaeologists have uncovered traces of the old beer and some sweet can koozies that went with them.

This was a common drinking hole for many of the various residents after a hard day of working the brontosaurus cranes in the gravel pit. Nothing cooled them off and refreshed them like a good yabba dabba brew.

Now you can continue the five thousand year old tradition by getting one of these same Yabba Dabba Brew Can Koozies to keep your beer cold even after the Ice Age has passed! Be careful you don't have too many before you hop in your feet powered car and head home.

Maybe you can get a brontosaurus or mammoth to take you home instead.