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10 Inch Black Cat with Metal Legs Standing on Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Let This Cat Lead the Way Every home needs a greeter, and this 10" Resin Black Cat with Metal Legs Standing on a Pumpkin fits the bill. He's dressed in a dandy collar and sweater, with a hint of a bell hanging down the front.

His long metal legs stretch to shapely shoes that are set atop a Jack-o-lantern. The rest of the cat is made from resin, which gives him enough heft to hold down tablescapes and other lightweight decor pieces.

He'll guide your guests to where they need to be and make them feel charmed and at home.

11-Inch Lil' Kitty Skeleton Halloween Prop

The Tenth Life Its fairly well-known that cats have nine lives. It does seem like our feline friends constantly escape disaster by only a hair (or whisker).

Theyre able to fall fairly long distances, fit through small spaces, and land on their feet (literally and figuratively!) almost every time.

However, our spooky research team has recently discovered evidence of a possible tenth life in some cats! When a truly good kitty ends its ninth life, it might get to become a skeleton cat destined to spend the rest of eternity with the ghost of a cat lover.

They also get to come to Earth on Halloween night and chase ghostly mice away from small trick-or-treaters, which is one of their favorite nights of the year! Product Details Bring home your very own supernatural cat with this 11-Inch Lil Kitty Skeleton Prop!

Its guaranteed to keep all kinds of ghostly pests away from your house. It will also serve as a great companion to all your other undead dcor!


24-Inch Black, White & Orange Finial with Cat Halloween Prop

Classic Cat Creeps Cats can always be counted on. No, not to pick you up when you have a flat tire or cover for you when you need a day off of work.

No, they can always be counted on to be cats! That's why black cats are always depicted doing classic cat activities on decor.

They can be seen popping out of Jack-o-lanterns, ready to bat at passersby. They can be spotted with alarmed arched backs in people's windows.

And most of all, they can be spotted proudly peering down from high places. This Halloween cat is in his element at the tippy top of this fabulous finial, making the perfect accent to your autumn decor!

Product Details This fabulously patterned finial will stand out on your mantel, entryway, or buffet table. The gold accents add a sense of glamour to any corner of your home.

The black cat on the top is wearing a jaunty witch cap, to add even more Halloween magic to your spooky season decor! Elegant and Eerie Not all Halloween decor has to be scary and spooky.

This elegant accent will set your Halloween decor in the right direction. Pair this with an assortment of decorative pumpkins and you'll be excited to bring out this decorative tower every Halloween season!


4 Foot Inflatable Black Cat with Turning Head Halloween Decoration

Crouching Kitty Cats are, truthfully, somewhat fickle creatures. They're so stinking cute and feisty, and yet they're more interested in knocking your Grandma's heirloom teacup collection off of your shelf than giving you the purrs and snuggleses.

They're the perfect familiars for witches because witches do whatever they want, just like cats do. This cat is the best of both worlds: He'll stay where you put him and look amazing, but he's also a bit unnerving.

The perfect combination for a Halloween decoration! Product Details It wouldn't be Halloween without a black cat!

This inflatable black cat is four feet long and looks like a fanged kitty with glowing eyes and body and a curled tail. It crouches in front of your house to scare away all intrudors.

The sharp teeth and pointy claws make it extra spooky. From time to time, it turns its head back and forth so that nothing can sneak past it.

No things that go bump in the night will escape detection by this hunter!


6 Foot Tall Large Kitty Angel Inflatable Decoration

A Purr-fect Addition to Any Yard The best way to make someone's day is to start with a smile--and who won't be able to stop a grin when they see this 6-foot-tall Large Kitty Angel Inflatable Decoration? Put it up during Valentine's Day or leave it up for year-round joy.

The windbreaker fabric is soft yet durable. Hold it in place with tethers and ground stakes, or blow it up indoors for a real conversation starter.

It plugs into a standard wall outlet indoors, but find a GFCI if you take it into the yard. (Which may require an adapter.

) Get the neighborhood purring when they realize you're the fun home.

72 Glittered Scaredy Cat Silhouette Halloween Garland Decoration

Silly Superstition It's been said that seeing a black cat will bring bad luck, but how could anything so cute be anything but awesome! Show that you don't believe in those tall tales by decorating your home with a 72 Inch Glittered Scaredy Cat Garland!

Adorned with seven woulden cat head silhouettes painted a sparkly black and strung on a satin ribbon, the garland is just right for adding some classy, sassy ambiance to your Halloween gatherings. If anything, it might bring you the good luck of having a fun party!