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Kids NFL Bears Uniform Costume

Autumn is here and that means were about to see a heavy drove of announcements and decorations for our most beloved of costumed holidays. Some might even be plotting for the holiday season afterwards, but lets stick to one season at a time!

Of course, while were talking about seasons, there is one more in the Fall that might deserve a little bit of attention one that involves dressing and gearing up, running down yards to collect your prize, and that inspires the communal cheers of the locals. It is Football season, Americans, and we know that many of you are busily watching the stats and plays.

We know because half of us in the office have to covertly minimize our browser windows while checking on our Fantasy Football teams before Linda catches us. (Dont get us wrongLinda wouldnt yell at us but her team is just so good, we need to do anything we can to beat her this year!

) Of course, the real problem with competing seasons is how much attention that they pull from each other. But, this year, you can bring them together and your kiddos, too, with this fantastic, NFL Bears Uniform costume, perfectly designed for the football fanatic of any size.

The blue jersey has the Bears name and logo printed in bright orange with blank spots so you can iron on your favorite numbers. The white pants have their matching blue and orange stripes and lets dare not forget the blue C for Chicago logo helmet.

Channel the energy and ferocity of the Bears just as though you had Staley Da Bear at your side! Don this uniform and lead the Bears to victory.