Christmas Wreaths

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18 Black Halloween Wreath with Skeleton and Flowers Decoration

Say It with Flowers (and Bones!) Halloween is a tricky time for decorating.

You want your home to say, "Come in and have fun!" while also giving off "This place may be haunted" vibes.

Black blooms and grinning skulls should fit the bill! Product Details Give your home a classy-yet-creepy appearance by hanging this unique 18 Inch Black Wreath with Skeleton and Flowers!

The decorative wreath is adorned with black flowers and crimson buds and black ribbon. A staring skull and a miniature skeleton wearing a top hat peer out from the floral background.


18 Inch Black Skull Wreath with Hands and Roses Halloween Decoration

Dead on the Inside Ideally, a wreath gives you a good idea of what to expect when you enter a house. Fall foliage is a standard choice, but if the impression you want to give is, "Welcome to our classy party that might be haunted!

", you might want to think bigger. Product Details Your home will be grimly gorgeous thanks to this 18 Inch Black Skull Wreath with Hands and Roses Decoration!

The wreath is decorated with black and red fabric roses and leaves. A plastic skull and skeletal hands peek out of the flowers.