Clone Trooper

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Deluxe Clone Trooper Blaster

Got a big mission on your hands? A really crucial objective that will help the Rebel cause?

No, thats not you, youre Imperial Special Forces. Of course you are.

.or maybe, even better, youre a defector playing both sides Well, no matter if you wear the Rebel orange, Imperial black-and-white, or youre going old school with the Republic blues, youre going to want this Deluxe Clone Trooper Blaster accessory at your hip.

Once used in first generation clone troopers, but later redistributed and revamped for Rebels and Imperial forces alike, this weapon is the standard for the highest trained close-quarters infantry and special forces. So, whichever side youre aligning yourself with (weve always been partial to Rogue Squadron, ourselves), youll find yourself well-armed with this accessory.

Officially licensed for the exact look, this toy blaster is exactly what you need to help you achieve your objectives, or at least go in style to your costume party or convention.