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Black & Decker Dressup Playset w/ Toolbox for Kids

Incredible Helper Is your child one incredible helper? Do they have a knack for handiwork?

Do they constantly try to use your tools whenever you break them out for a household task? Then maybe it's time to let them get their hands on a set of tools designed just for them!

Of course, we don't think you should give your child a real tool set! We're talking about this Black & Deck Dressup Toolbox Set.

Product Details The toy tool set is officially licensed from Black & Deck, the company known for quality tools! Itcomes with everything to turn your child into jack-of-all-trades around the house, including a toy hammer, toy screwdriver, saw, and more.

It even comes with a tiny toolbox, perfect for carrying all of their new toys! If your child really wants to play the part, then they can wear the included helmet and vest to get the look of a construction worker ready to get to work.

Each one is one size fits most, so any kid should be able to become a handy repairman! Dress-Up Time!

Since this set comes with both tools and some dress-up pieces, it's an easy choice for any child who's looking to become a little handyman!

Maxx Action Power Tools Chainsaw Play Toy

This is aMaxx Action Power Tools Chainsaw with Lights and Sounds.