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47 Ghost Printing Curtain Prop

Window Worries You want people to stop and wonder, was there someone in the attic window? But you don't want to lurk in your musty attic all day waiting for neighbors to pass.

There isn't time for that. And there aren't great outlets up there.

So, plugging in a fan and setting it on low so it'll gently blow on a tattered curtain you dug out of a dusty box isn't going to work either. Luckily, you're here, and we know precisely what will turn a clear window into nightmare fuel!

Design & Details Get the house looking properly spooky when you purchase this exclusive Curtain Ghost for your Halloween dcor! The Made By Us decoration measures 47 inches long to fill most standard windows.

Print with the image of a so-pale-they're-blue ghost set against an eerie background, the easy-to-use window cover immediately adds ghoulish feelings to a seasonal display. Add to the attic, living room, or kitchen window to transform a cozy space into something more haunting!

Scary Simple Whether planning a haunted house makeover or looking for a quick-and-easy way to up the fear factor on your Halloween decorations, this 47-inch Printing Curtain Ghost has you covered! Framed behind any window, the simple but high-detailed decorating option adds spooky spirit to your space!


47 Mummy Crashing the Window Halloween Printed Curtain Prop

Scare Warning Traditionally the haunting part of a haunted house stays inside the house. That's what makes it haunted.

But you don't want Halloween visitors to wait for the scares. You want to cause grey hairs on passersby and make trick-or-treaters contemplate whether the candy is worth getting closer.

You want costume party guests to know what type of eerie vibes they're walking into so they can prepare. And we can help with this startling, printed curtain!

Design & Details Ensure your Halloween dcor is a scream when you add our exclusive Mummy Crashing the Window Decoration to your display! The 47-inch printed graphic depicts a realistically detailed mummy reaching out of a rustic window frame.

Exposed nails, full spider webs, and a haunted-looking forest background add to the spooky image. Hung facing out of a front window or displayed indoors for your household only, this Made By Us decoration is a must-have for creating classic Halloween frights!


47 Printing Curtain Clown Outside the Window Halloween Decoration

It's All Fun and Games until the Clown Gets In Did you hear that noise? Sounds like someone at the window.

It's probably nothing - our imaginations always jump right to "crazy, murdering clown," but that's ridiculous. Right?

Product Details This exclusive 47" Printing Curtain Clown Outside the Window Decoration is perfect for jump-scares! The decoration is printed to look like a weathered window split into four panes, with spiderweb details.

In the bottom left, a red-eyed clown with a sinister grin appears to poke his knife through the bottom pane.Hang it in your window to give your visitors a frightening surprise.


47 Witch Outside the Window Printed Curtain Decoration

She'll Get You, My Pretty Some witches are nice, but others like to steal humans' life forces as part of their spells. You can tell which kind of witch you're dealing with by whether or not she's trying to kidnap you and stuff you in her cauldron.

Product Details This 47" Witch Outside the Window Printed Curtain Prop is perfect for giving your visitors a friendly scare! The exclusive decoration is printed with an image of an evil-eyed, snarling witch poking her knobby green hand toward the viewer through a broken-looking, spiderweb-festooned wooden window frame.