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33.5 Disney Ounce Vile Villains Oversized Tear Drop Glass

Simply Dreadful "Villain," seems like a strong word, darling. What about "go-getter," or "boss," or even "queen?

" That's all these ladies are trying to do: Get what's theirs, with the most possible style. Say what you will about them, they know how to make an impression.

Product Details Get in the mood for mischief by using this officially licensed Disney 33.5 Ounce Vile Villains Tear Drop Oversized Glass!

The stemless glass is printed with an image of some of Disney's most iconic villains. Use the glass to drink your magical potions or the tears of your enemies - whichever sounds best.


Nightmare Before Christmas Set of 4 Glasses

Drink in the Season If you're feeling blah about the next holiday coming up, don't kidnap a major legendary figure and leave creepy shrunken heads in people's homes! Actually, go ahead - that sounds pretty awesome.

But afterward, when you want to feel good about the holidays again, try celebrating with friends while using a cool set of glassware. It'll definitely perk you up!

Product Details Serve up festive fun with this officially licensed Set of 4 Disney Nightmare Before Christmas 10oz Glasses! The clear glasses are decorated with images of Jack, Sally, the Mayor, and Oogie Boogie.


Set of 4 Johanna Parker Glass Vintage Halloween 16oz Tumblers

This is aGlass Vintage Halloween 16oz Tumblers Set of 4.