Emperor Palpatine

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Emperor Palpatine Costume

Be warned! This costume depicts the great Palpatine as he looked after the Jedi's evil and cowardly attack, which left him twisted and forever deformed.

Once a charismatic and handsome senator, and then the wise and benevolent chancellor of the Galactic Senate, Palpatine paid a terrible price for his selfless and noble efforts to bring peace to the galaxy. But because we pay tribute to the great master in any form he takes, this Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Costume is a great way to honor a great man!

Psst. Hey!

It's us. We promise we didn't get "weird," or turn to the Dark Side or anything like that.

We just had to sound "loyal" to Palpatine in case the Empire was listening in on our conversation. Now that we've made it this far, we're pretty sure it's safe to speak freely.

So, seriously: this is an awesome costume. Any old nerf herder could find an old dark blanket and pull it over their heads and walk around saying "Let the hate flow through you," but this sinister getup takes it a step further.

With Palpatine's lush, flowing robes (as seen in Revenge of the Sith, right when he gets really evil), a cowl to hide his ghoulish features, and a grimacing, menacing mask, this costume will give you a truly Imperial (and evil) presence this Halloween! So once you've hunted down all the traitorous Jedi and swept away the remnants of the Old Republic, head out in this Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Costume and enjoy the adoration of the galactic masses!


Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Cane Accessory

Un-cane-y Effect There are two very divergent effects a cane can have. The user can look meek or endearing as they stroll down a street with their walking canethink of the grandfather figures in movies, maybe crabby but always willing to help a younger character.

Or, the user can scare the living soul right out of us. The clack of a cane against hard floors announcing someone's arrival, before we even see them take the screen, has always been a source of unease.

The villain marches into a room with swagger or they fake us out. Like Emperor Palpatine, looking all shriveled and weak only to turn against the hero once they (and we) have fallen into a very false sense of safety.

Product Details If youre looking to bring the same sense of dread to your own Star Wars costume, make sure you have the right accessory. This Emperor Palpatine Cane will let you enter a room with the same deceptive or intimidating flare.

The molded plastic cane looks as gnarled and dark as the soul of the Sith lord and can complete any sinister costume youve dreamed up. Walk the Walk Star Wars tells stories about choosing your path; about choosing the light or the dark when it matters most.

If youve chosen the dark side of the force, youll need to dress in a manner that leaves an impression, something that can deceive and frighten. Add this Emperor Palpatine Cane to your Star Wars costume and enter the next Halloween party with the confidence of a Sith lord.