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Evil Dead 2 Necronomicon Prop with Pages

Vacation Disaster Avoidance 101 There are certain things you just don't want to do if you'd like to avoid horror movie scenarios. First, don't go to a cabin in the woods with your friends.

It might sound like a fun inexpensive vacation but it's simply not worth the risk. Secondly, if you do go to that cabin, don't go snooping around in the basement.

"Hey," you might be thinking, "What if the power goes out and I have to go into the basement?".

That's easy, friend. If you do find anything weird down there, leave it alone.

Accidentally stumble upon a book that looks like it's made out of someone's face? Don't open it up and read a mysterious line of Latin that may or may not be written in blood out loud.

It should be that simple. But as we all know, curiosity raises the undead.


or whatever that phrase is. Product Details Putting together a cabin nightmare of your own?

No need to write your own book of spells. This licensed Necronomicon prop looks like it's straight out of Evil Dead without all the necromancy side effects.

It has a molded latex exterior and 36 printed pages on weathered looking paper. The perfect conversation started for campy horror parties or making your cabin vacation authentic, it's bound to be a terrifying treasure for cult classic horror fans!

Buy the Book Listen, we don't want to tell you what to do. A whispering voice told us to write the tagline above.

But if you want to make it seem like the taxidermied animals hanging on the walls could come alive at any moment, it's the little things that matter. Go ahead and add this book to your collection of all things funny yet disturbing.

Just be sure and have a chainsaw on hand of you do happen to read from the pages!