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1 Gallon Outdoor Ground Fog Fluid

Here Come the Spirits Every experienced ghost hunter knows that one of the most common signs of ghost activity is a creepy fog drifting across the ground. Unfortunately, you can't always get a ghost to produce the fog on command, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Product Details Create a super spooky special effect with this bottle of Outdoor Low Lying Fog Fluid! The gallon container can be used in most standard fog machines.

Be sure to follow the instructions and use it outdoors for best results.


1/2 Gallon Jug of Blood

Blood Bath So, we're going to level with you. There are only a fewreliable ways to come by a full jug of blood.

A few are very gruesome ways that you would expect (which we won't outline here), but let's just say that they are quite..

.involved (not to mention illegal).

But the very best, least messy, and most legal and gentle way to go about obtaining a large quantity of blood is to simply nab this Half Gallon Jug of Blood! Trust us,there is nothing that real blood can do that this stand-in can't!

And in a handy jug that keeps it stored nicely, this product is bound to make your Halloween dreams and nightmares come true! Design & Details There are so many uses for fake blood at Halloween!

Perhaps you want to be a vampire or a zombie back from the dead. Maybe you are wanting to impersonate an on-screen serial killer or a deranged killer clown.

Or perhaps you simply want to use this blood to spatter on your porch, windows, and mirrors to create an eerie haunted house effeect. However you use this 64-ounces of vibrant red, realistic fake blood, it'll be a scream!


10 Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Light Up the Night Even the smallest of spaces can be decorated in December when you grab this Tabletop Ceramic 10" Christmas Tree. Whether you're trying to be festive at work, don't have space for the full-sized deal, or want to cram in as much holiday whimsy as possible, this tree is the gift that keeps on giving.

It's molded ceramic, which means it's built to last. The tree is lit by a single LED, so there won't be any checking entire strings of lights, and there are two interchangeable stars--one is clear, and one is gold.

The small stars can be changed out, too. It needs just 3 AA batteries (not included).


10 Foot Giant Santa Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Actually, Santa has already arrived in town, and he's larger than life in every sense of the word! He wants to make sure that everyone is excited for Christmas and filled with seasonal cheer.

Do you mind if he hangs out at your place for a while so that he can spread some holiday joy? Product Details Ring in the holidays with an exclusive Giant 10 Foot Santa Inflatable Christmas Decoration!

The decoration is easy to inflate and looks like an enormous, smiling Santa Claus complete with white beard, red suit, and pointed red hat. Use stakes and cording to secure it to the ground.

Jolly Old St Nicholas It's a good thing that the real Santa isn't quite this huge - imagine the size of the reindeer that he would need to pull his sleigh! One plate of cookies wouldn't be enough, either.

You'd probably have to leave the whole jar near the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, this Kris Kringle is just a scale representation of your enthusiasm for the most wonderful time of the year.


10 Foot Inflatable Animated Beetlejuice Sand Worm Decoration

That Doesn't Look Like the Yard Anymore..

. So you're recently deceased and someone else is now living in your house.

You tried to leave, but it turns out that the neighborhood is now a sandy wasteland full of gigantic worms. The neighborhood association isn't going to like this.

Product Details Unlike the usual sand worm, this officially licensed 10 Foot Beetlejuice Inflatable Animated Sand Worm won't attack anyone for leaving your house! When fully inflated, the decoration resembles a coiled black and white sand worm with a double row of faux fangs and a long tongue.


10 Foot Tall Jumbo Gingerbread Archway Inflatable Decoration

Delicious Decor Haven't you had the fantasy that your home was made out of candy? You know what we mean: Icing-covered walls, chocolate pouring out of the water faucet, doorknobs made of lollipops and furniture made out of marzipan.

Honestly, it's no wonder that Hansel and Gretel were nearly trapped by the witch whose house was entirely sugar-based. Fortunately, this 10 Foot Tall Jumbo Gingerbread Inflatable Archway is all about the good kind of magic!

It'll make your home look like something straight from a winter wonderland. And while it isn't actually edible, that just means that it will be making you smile for many years to come!