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NFL Kids Chiefs Uniform Costume

Everybody loves game day. For us, game day is none other than Halloween!

Your kiddo, on the other hand, loves watching the Kansas City Chiefs kick some butt on the field every Sunday. Thats his idea of gameday, right?

Well, wed like to help him kick things up a notch. Grab this NFL Chiefs Uniform Costume for Halloween this year and he will love running around like his athletic heroes!

With this awesome Chiefs Uniform Costume, you will get just about everything your little football star needs before he storms the field. Hell have an awesome jersey and a pair of pants that match.

Then he will also have a helmet with the KC logo printed on it as well as a chinstrap to keep it securely fitted around your childs head. The best part about this costume is the iron-on numbers.

With those handy accessories, your kiddo can literally be any of the phenomenal men that have played for this amazing franchise. He can be the infamous number 58, Dangerous Derrick Thomas, and be one of the most feared defenders in the game.

He could also go more the offensive route and toss on number 19 and be the renowned quarterback known as The Comeback Kid and Joe Cool, none other than Joe Montana. Of course, he can toss on whatever number happens to be his favorite and be the next up coming rookie for Kansas City.

The choice is his! Make your kiddos Halloween with this NFL Chiefs Uniform Costume.