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10 Sitting Skeleton Holding Glass Plate Decoration

Try a Bite Go on. It's Halloween, so take a treat for yourself.

What's this? Are you frightened of reaching for the skeleton's snacks?

You can se that he is grinning politely, although there is a strangely menacing look about him. Maybe he means no harm - or maybe this treat is truly a trick after all!

Product Details Do you dare to help yourself? This ten-inch tall resin skeleton sits with a slightly sinister smile on its carefully molded and painted face.

An intricately detailed glass dish, included with the figure, fits on top of its crossed legs and its bony feet. Its outstretched arms provide the dish with extra support.


3 Piece Disney Mickey Halloween Treats Kitchen Set

Spooky Snacks You can't have Halloween without treats! Mickey Mouse and Co.

know better than anyone that if you're going to host friends during the October holiday, it's always more fun to have a snack on hand. Product Details Bake up a boo-tiful main course or dessert using this officially licensed 3 Piece Disney Mickey Halloween Treats Textile Kitchen Set!

The set includes an oven mitt, a hot pad, and a bordered kitchen towel. Each one has orange trim and features a sweet pattern of Mickey Mouse pumpkins, candy, witch hats, black cats, and other Halloween images.


3 Piece Snoopy Halloween Mummy Kitchen Set

A Clever Disguise Halloween has to be Snoopy's favorite holiday of all. The famous beagle loves dressing up in different disguises to act out an imaginary adventure.

None of his disguises can hide how cute he is, though! Product Details Bring Halloween fun into your food prep with this officially licensed 3 Piece Snoopy Halloween Mummy Textile Kitchen Set!

The set includes a hot pad and a kitchen towel. The orange hot pad is printed with an image of Snoopy and Woodstock dressed as mummies, and the towel features a cute print of some of Snoopy's many favorite costumes.


Bat Johanna Parker Treat Stand

October at Last It's finally Halloween! This little bat is ready to enjoy all the fun of the spookiest season.

It's even wearing a party hat and is stationed in the middle of a candy bowl so that it can watch all of the action! Product Details This Bat Treat Stand by Johanna Parker makes a charming place to display your Halloween candy, snacks, and more!

The black and orange bowl is fancifully decorated and sits on a mini pedestal. A carved black bat wearing a cone-shaped hat and a scalloped ruff is attached to the center of the bowl.


Child's Play Chucky Kitchen Set

Did the Butcher Kife Go Missing? That new doll you got is so helpful!

It keeps showing up in the kitchen and trying to lend a hand with the meal prep. We've noticed that it gravitates toward the knife block, which is a little weird, but it's probably no big deal.

Product Details This Good Guys Chucky Child's Play Kitchen Set is the perfect gift for a horror movie aficionado! The striped apron is printed with denim overall details and the Good Guys logo, and the hot pad and oven mitt feature movie graphics.