Mad Hatter Costumes

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Mad Haddie Costume for Girls

What's more fun than hosting a tea party? Inviting all of your wondrous friends to join you in the festivities, of course!

You all can sip tea, play musical chairs, nibble on scones and tiny sandwiches, and catch up on the latest Wonderland gossip. It takes a pretty crafty planner to pull together such a party, and it helps to have a whimsical sense of style, with just a touch of madness, to match.

Your little hostess with the most-ess will definitely look the part when she's decked out in this Mad Haddie Costume, which mixes formal fashion with a dash of eccentricity for good measure! Sure, she'll be prepared for her friends that she's invited, but what if any of her friends' friends come along, too?

She has to make sure the kettle is on the stove, and fresh tea is always brewing, and there obviously needs to be enough treats to go around. Then, there are the petting zoo animals and bounce castles to rent, and the house to paint, and the firework finale to set up.

With all the planning that goes into a basic, run-of-the-mill tea party like this, it's no wonder that it helps to already be a little goofy before you start! Luckily, this costume will get your youngster into the party planning spirit, while letting her silly side shine.

The fun and frilly layered skirt and jacket and the lacy top hat give this outfit a delightfully quirky style. It looks right at home at any costume events your kid may go to, and is sure to add a "storybook" feel to her tea party!


Women's Teal Hatter Costume

SNATCHING HATS LIKE WIGS Everyone has theirfavorite things. Some women are particular about their nails while others like clothes, handbags,and makeup, but not this woman right here.

This lady is all about hats and tea. Put a fancy hat on her head and a cup of freshly-brewed tea in her mug and she's ecstatic.

She loves all types of tea: green tea, herbal tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong, she drinks it all. She also loves all types of hats: fedoras, berets, top hats, beanies, boaters, and newsboy caps, she wears them all!

But the Mad Hatter wants to make one thing perfectly clear she's not mad (well, she not that mad.) What's so crazy about a hat and tea obsession, huh?

Nothing, we support it. Whether you have a fascination with tea and hats too or you'd like more involvement with them, the women's teal hatter costume is ideal.

It's snazzy, it's colorful, and it also allows you to try on all sorts of hats (both literally and figuratively.) Wear it, brew a pot of tea, and prepare your head for a whole-lotta hats!

PRODUCT DETAILS The women's teal mad hatter is an exclusive Made by Us design, meaning it's a high-quality costume that can be worn multiple times like a real garment. The pullover dress has hook and loop fasteners in the back with an attached felt pocket watch and 3 faux buttons.

Ladies who love color will adore the funky teal, purple, and pink color scheme. The included bow tie fastens to dress with hook and loop fasteners while the top hat features the signature 10/6 detail.

Please note, gloves, tights,and shoes are NOT included. SPOT OF TEA?

Instead of candy, pass out cups of tea to anyone ringing your doorbell on Halloween. It's unexpected and a great way to highlight your character-inspired costume!