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Women's Marvelous Matador Costume

Laugh at Danger Danger? Ha!

Youre not the kind of girl who lets a little danger get in the way of a good time. Youre a thrill seeker.

In fact, you relish the thought of adrenaline pumping through your veins! Youd go bungee jumping in a heartbeat.

Youd sign up for zip-lining through Fiji without a second thought. Scuba diving with sharks?

No problem! Heck, youd let a raging bull come charging at you if the opportunity presented itself!

Well, its about time that you wore a costume that put your courageous attitude on display. The world needs to know of your brave feats and thats why its time for this Marvelous Matador costume for women.

Design & Details This womens costume was crafted by our expert designers! It is inspired by the daring Matadors of Spain!

The costume comes with a v-neck style pullover tank top. The red Bolero jacket has a gold detailing along the edges and on the sleeves for a glimmering, attention-grabbing, flair.

The matching red pants stretch to fit and feature the same gold detailing along the side of each pant leg. The black necktie fits loosely around your neck for a dash of elegance.

The hat is made of felt and has gold trim that matches the jacket and pants. The costume comes with a pair of white knee-high socks to round out the look, but you cant be a brave bullfighter without a red scarf to get that bull charging!

Fight the Bull You might just find you have a talent for tempting bulls when you wear this Marvelous Matador costume for women! Its the perfect way to get a rush of adrenaline but its also just a great outfit to wear to your next costume party.

For extra fun, you can pair up with one of our bull costumes for a great duo costume look!