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Girls Wild Child Monster Costume

What's Halloween missing these days? The answer is simple: stuff that isn't scary.

Gone are the days of creepies and crawlies, and things that go "bump" in the night. Frightful fun is a thing of the past.

Nothing comes out from under the bed anymore. Simply put, there's a sore lack of monsters in the world these days.

Especially on the one day that needs them most. But we bet you can think of a special someone who can change all that: your kid.

She's energetic, off the wall, and is the very antidote to boring. If there's anyone who can turn the word "monster" into a compliment, it's her.

So this Halloween, let her be her wild self in the Girls Wild Child Monster Costume! Everything about it just screams "her" -- it's colorful, with wild pinks, oranges and yellows.

And it's playful, with an outrageous monster hood, a kaleidoscopic tutu, and plush, faux fur shoe covers that give her instant monster's feet. Also included are pink sleevelets that stay in place with the help of elastic wrists.

This four-piece suit has everything you could possibly need for that all-important first night of monsterhood. A suit like this really makes a statement.

And that's what your little "monster" (remember, it's a compliment!) is all about.

Whether she's scaring fellow trick-or-treaters or livening up an otherwise boring Halloween party, the Girls Wild Child Monster Costume is the one for her. And if she wants a little help spooking the neighborhood, have the whole gang check out the rest of our outrageous monster costumes!


Toddler Polka Dot Monster Costume

The folks in the Summoning Office are always hard at work, drawing into this world various creatures that can aid us with a few necessary ingredients for costumes or even go into the world to enact any variety of strange tasks. They are the inspiration for many of our best ideas!

But, the thing about conjuring up monsters to help around the office is that the conjuring is always just a little unpredictable. Theyre usually well behaved, but some of them arent always perfectly suited for the tasks at hand.

This time around, we called up a few to help with customer service support. We thought, Hey, we need a few monsters who are cheerful, creative and probably colorful.

Gotta have the three Cs! It was a great idea at the start, but we werent quite expecting these adorable monsters to burst onto the scene.

Theyre near perfect, but not only do they have trouble reaching the phones, but they tend to giggle and play goofy practical jokes that, while great fun, arent helping the customers. We dont have video phones, so they only get half the joke!

So, here is your chance to transform your toddler into a Polka Dot Monster with this perfect costume. No need to be afraid if youre bothered by monsters and these ones are pretty light on fur, so you probably wont even be allergic!

The pink-to-purple dress has glorious polka dots of blue and dark purple throughout and feature a three-shaded tulle tutu that makes for the perfect match. Furry hoodies and matching foot covers and mitts reveal the monstrous tendencies of the little devils, so youll be prepared for a few pranks.

No vicious teeth or claws on these darlings. Just bright grins and brighter colors.


Women's Turquoise and Neon Pink Petticoat

Looking for an accessory that will add a blast of color to your entire costume? Well, rather than adding any more jewels or heavy headpieces, why not upgrade your undergarments and try out this Turquoise and Neon Pink Petticoat?

You may think that petticoats are out of style but that's where you're wrong, they are on the verge of a major comeback, and you can be one of the pioneers of this amazing fashion resurgence. With an elastic waistband this petticoat fits almost any size and will most certainly give your outfit that extra pop you were hoping to add.

This accessory can also help give any dress or skirt a much fuller look, so if you are attempting a more formal look this Halloween this petticoat will be perfect for you. Then when you want to switch up your costume to look more like a raver you can simply strip down to this petticoat and a crop-top and you'll be ready to dance the night away!