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Adult Avatar Classic Neytiri Wig

Learning Curve What's with these invaders thinking they know everything? They claim to come from some far-away planet and they have all of this technology, but apparently they can't survive a night alone in the forest without one of the Na'vi to hold their hand.

It's a good thing that you've got an open mind and a high tolerance for teaching because wow. All of those "coffeemakers" and they're still basically helpless.

Product Details The Na'vi have it all: A cool home planet, amazing fighting skills, and great hair! This officially licensed Avatar Classic Neytiri Wig for Adults has a mesh wig cap with a fitted edge to keep it snugly in place (although maybe add some bobby pins if you're planning to do any flips out of trees).

The long black synthetic hair comes pre-styled with tiny beaded braids and one extra-long braid. They'll Never See It Coming The people from Earth think they've won, but they've never been more wrong in their lives.

The Na'vi have knowledge, heart, and courage on their side, and they're definitely better suited to the Pandora environment. Their hair doesn't even frizz in the humidity, which is so impressive.


Adult Avatar Deluxe Neytiri Wig

Daughter of a Chief When you've grown up on the incredible moon Pandora, you naturally have a lot of talents. You can track the native animals, shoot your bow with deadly accuracy, and climb up a sheer cliff face, among other things.

It's actually kind of pathetic how little this newcomer Jake can do compared to you. Product Details Add "amazing hair" to your list of talents when you wear your officially licensed Avatar Deluxe Neytiri Wig for Adults!

The mesh wig cap has a fitted edge to keep it snugly in place. The entire headpiece is covered with black synthetic hair, some of which falls straight down to about mid-back length, and some of which comes pre-styled in tiny braids tipped with orange beads.

A longer, thicker braid ends roughly around your waist. Prepare to Fight Protect the Home Tree and chase the invaders out of your territory!

Except for the one guy who asked to join your tribe. He's okay for the most part.


Adult Axe Throwing Costume with Headpiece

Ahead of the curve When it comes to costumes and costume parties, there are quite a few staples. There are princesses, and cats, and vampires.

There are doctors, presidents and pop culture references. There are painfully forced puns and insultingly lazy costumes that are clearly a last-minute effort to fit in with the least effort possible.

"I'm dressed up as a guy who doesn't wear Halloween costumes!" Sure, Todd.


Whatever you say. We know you just wanted to wear your regular T-shirt and jeans.

Don't insult us. What we're saying is, there are so many options for costumes, you're sure to find something, but it's almost impossible to find something that hasn't been done before.

If you show up as a princess, no matter how meticulously you redesign your mother's old prom dress into Rapunzel's flowing gown, chances are Suzy is also going to be wearinghermom's old prom dress, andsheremembered a tiara. If you show up as a cackling villain in a purple suit with striking green accent pieces, you know Dwight is also going to be there in a purple suit, andheactually dyed his hair green to complete the look.

Standing out at a costume party is nearly impossible. If you're dying to be unique at your next party, why not try something totally random and off-the-wall?

Something that just makes no sense at all? Something that no one would ever really think about wearing and would never set out to find, but rather stumble onto on some costume selling website?

Something like..

. thisAdult Axe Throwing Costume!

Product Details You are basically guaranteed to be the only person at your next costume party dressed up like a bull's eye board with axes stuck onto it! This pullover tunic has a printed blue-and-red bullseye target, along with a silver axe buried into the front.

The board also features a cheeky pun printed across the bottom. in addition,there's another silver axe on a headband for you wear.

A perfect score Your last few Halloween costumes have been hit or miss. This Adult Axe Throwing Costume is sure to be a bullseye!


Adult Cheech Costume

We dont want to advocate any one kind of relaxing activity over another. In fact, we think the best kinds of activities are the legal ones, as determined by your local, state, or federal government.

But, if you are a fan of one specific form of relaxation over another, and you love a certain set of movies that originated from the comedy classic Up In Smoke, then we may just have the costume for you. Thats right, its Cheech Marin!

Exactly one half of the great comedy duo, Cheech and Chong. In this Cheech Costume, youll be perfectly (and legally) mellowed out, ready to take on a sometimes difficult world with the cool grooviness of a laid back dude.

You may even want to grab your best friend, slap a Chong outfit on him, and hit the road -- soberly, of course -- bringing laughter and positive vibes to every place you go. Either way, you shouldnt have a hard time chilling in this loose fit yellow half-tank, red cap, and included suspenders.

The two piece mustache and wig really completes the look, as no respectable person could claim to resemble Cheech without the facial hair. Regardless of how you like to pass the time with your best friend, we think this costume is the a mellow way to reflect your chill vibes, man.

Just dont forget to make everyone laugh. Laughter is legal everywhere.


Adult Fat Suit Costume

Pack on the Pounds Trying to pack on some mass? Do you want to be a total beefcake?

Well, toss on this Adult Fat Suit Costume and youll be the biggest stud walking around any costume parties this Halloween! Why waste time on binge eating?

To really make gains you have to eat the highest calorie food like its your job..

. its ten times easier to slip into this padded jumpsuit (and it's a whole lot easier to shed)!

With this costume, youll instantly look as if youve devoured every sweet thing you could find across the land. If you want, this jumpsuit can be your entire costume.

However, you can get tons of laughs when you add this as an accessory to a variety of other costumes! Be a big version of any celebrity you wish, like a chonky Chuck Norris.

Bless your friends with the presence of a bigger-than-life character. Use this suit as a start to an awesome sumo-wrestler costume.

Be a walking and talking contradiction when you enter the party scene as a chubby aerobics instructor. These are just a few ideas that come to mind and there are plenty more options with this hilarious fat suit!

Product Details This beige jumpsuit has plush padding added to the arms, the chest, the belly, and the legs, meant to simulate a large human body. This is gonna be big So, if youre ready to fill rooms with laughter this Halloween, then it is time to pudge up.

And now you know better, so instead of ruining that perfect figure of yours, skip the carb overload and grab this Adult Fat Suit Costume. Its perfect all on its own or as an add-on to a number of different costumes.

Just dont be caught off guard if people you give you some weight loss tips.

Adult Inflatable Gumby Costume

A Bit of a Stretch If we were living back in the 1950s and told you about our idea for a TV show revolving around a stretchy green stick guy, you'd probably have thought we were crazy. But the show would be even stranger than that, we'd eagerly insist: There would be a talking red pony, villains with cube-shaped heads, a yellow dinosaur who aspired to be a detective, a flying blue mermaid who could spit blue goo balls, a mastodon and a chicken.

But the joke would be onyou, dear reader, because our..

. ahem, we mean Art Clokey's idea.


would result in the beloved Gumby franchise, which has managed to spawn two television series, a feature-length film and other things. Even if you don't know Gumby's name, you surely recognize him when you see him.

He's been part of pop culture for decades now, so we couldn't agree with you more when you say he would make a great costume for your next party. Product Details It doesn't take anystretchof the imagination to see how you'll be the star of your next costume party in thisAdult Inflatable Gumby Costume.

This exclusive, officially licensed green bodysuit features a printed Gumby face, complete with a 3D nose and mesh-covered character eyes. It utilizes a fan installed in the back to inflate.

(The fan requires four AA batteries, not included, and a Phillips-head screwdriver is required to open the battery pack.) The bodysuit has a back zipper for easy wear, along with elastic at the wrists and ankles for a comfy fit.

Stretchy Fun Once you slip into this Gumby costume, you'll be all set for some fun adventures, especially if you can round up Pokey, Prickle and Goo. Just watch out for the G and J Blockheads!