Orange Stockings

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Orange Tights

The popular take on the color orange these days is that its the new black. Thats all well and good, but why cant we just let orange be orange?

Its one of our brightest and boldest hues, the go-to choice for warning signs, emergency gear and, yes, some prison jumpsuits. Its a color that demands that people stand up and take notice, in other words.

Thats more than you can say for most colors, fashionable or not. Of course, when it comes to Halloween season, orange takes on a whole new meaning.

When October rolls around, orange is the color of jack-o-lanterns, and autumn leaves, and mysterious eyes blazing out of the darkness. Its not a replacement for black so much as the perfect complement to it.

In fact, if you had to pick the flagship colors of Halloween, the list would pretty much end with orange and black. Theyre even the colors of choice for those sort of peanut buttery chewy candies that nobody likes but everybody still gets in their trick or treat bag.

Embrace the orangest season of the year in these basic nylon tights, perfect for pairing with any number of costumes, or even just for a colorful casual look. New black or not, orange is always going to be orange, and thats more than enough for us.