Phantom Of The Opera

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White Phantom Adult Mask

Have you been brushing up on your opera singing? Maybe youve been spending much more time in the dark, stalking your crush, and teaching her how to sing beautifully?

What about that rival lover of hers from childhood? Maybe its time you paid a quick visit to him.

Theres only one problem though. You had a bit of an accident once and now you dont really want anyone to see what your face actually looks like.

We understand, were not exactly the department models either. Why do you think we spend so much time working behind a computer screen?

Why dont you make like the original phantom of the opera, and throw on this devilish half mask. Youll look like the worlds most famous rogue in no time, and have the entire world swoon over the angel of music reborn in all their splendor.

Just be sure to find yourself a nice, big, black cape to match. The OG loved that stuff, and so did we.