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Adult Robocop Costume | 80s Movie Costumes | Exclusive

One Man Can Save Them The streets of Detroit are filled with crime. The innocent folk of Detroit could use someone on their side to help keep the peace.

And the ED-209 Droid? Well, that thing is definitely not ready for public service (at least not until they can reprogram that thing).

There's really only one man-robot that is capable of handling the job set before him. That person is you!

Okay, so maybe you're no Robocop..

. yet.

But you could be! You don't even need to undergo any crazy cybernetic alterations and your boss doesn't even need to send you into certain doom to become Detroit's most accomplished police officer.

All it takes is the right kind of attitude, some imagination, a complete knowledge of the OCP's programmed directives, and most importantly, this officially licensed Robocop costume. Design & Details Based on the uniform seen in the classic 1987 movie, this adult costume comes with everything you need to look like the cybernetic hero.

The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit which has foam armor pieces attached to the chest, wrists, and legs. Boot covers are attached to each leg, letting you wear your favorite pair of shoes with this outfit while still achieving a spot on Robocop look.

Printed details help you look ready to blast some bad guys into oblivion, but the final piece to this costume truly takes the cake. (Can Robocop still eat cake?

) The headpiece is a foam piece that fits on your head and even has a visor and chin guard designed into the front of it. Just put the whole ensemble on and crime will be shaking in its boots when you hit the streets!

Professional Now, we have to remind you that this Robocop costume won't actually transform you into a crime-fighting robot! We know that you'll feel like Officer Murphy when you wear it, but you should just leave the law enforcement to the real professionals.