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Adult Sally Costume

Heres the thing about a strong heroine: they are far too often overlooked. Its too easy to look at a gal who is about to topple the baddies and help with the day by simply assuming that shes there as a supporting character when, in truth, things could go to literal hell without their actions!

Now, from an immediate look, people tend to think that poor Sally from Halloween Town simply isnt going to go anywhere. Shes neglected by all the guys in her life, whether it is Jack who just cant seem to realize that shes dreaming of becoming Mrs.

Skellington or the sad treatment she gets from Dr. Finkelstein.

Its like they think that becoming the overlord of Christmas is more important than love or that the fact that they literally created you from stitching and stuffing gives them some kind of ownership! Well, fortunately, Sally is a gal with her own mind!

Standing tall, confident, and with the remarkable ability to just stitch up and repair any potential harm done to her fine body, Sally is not only ready to help make sure that Halloween Town (and the world) is safe from the threat of Oogie Boogie, but is going to look pretty stylish while doing so. Not just anyone can patch together a dress from remnants and rock it quite like Sally does.

And that pasty skin? Its totally in this year, didnt you hear?

So this Halloween, grab a little Worm's Wort and Nightshade and head out on the Halloween Town with this Sally costume. The short-sleeved dress ties with fabric for an easy fit and features iconic patchwork print that you wont find anywhere else.

The jagged edges at the hem and sleeves give the perfect edge for a Halloween Doll look while the elbow-length gloves with stitch print starts off the pale look of our favorite ghastly heroine. But, what about my hair!

? you are no doubt wondering.

Heck, how can anyone match the style that Sally pulls off!?

Well, thats with the included red yarn wig cap that will have you standing toe-to-toe with the queen of stitches! Accessorize further with some pale blue face paint and youll have even Jack Skellinton realizing what hes been missing.


Deadly Night Shade Ceramic Cookie Jar

Trickand Treat Everyone loves a good snack. And if they help to satisfy the sweet tooth, they are even better!

But if you happen to come from a place that's just a little left-of-center, theingredients you use for your tasty treats might be just a little different than usual. The ghosts and goblins ofHalloween Town tend to leave the candy for kids, preferring all sorts of different delectables.

Of course, a good cookie is sure to make anyone smile! Of course, if you're grabbing a great from Dr.

Finklestein's lab, you need to bejust a bit more careful than usual. There is a solid chance that Sally has added an extra ingredient that is sure to put any mad scientist to sleep in no time!

Product Details Fortunately, you won't need to worry about your snacks being suspicious. ThisThe Nightmare Before Christmas Ceramic Deadly Night Shade Cookie Jar is here as a container sure to make you cackle with glee.

The movie replica will bring a smile to anyone's face thanks to the quirky letteringand its sweet contents. The best part?

It'll even keep any werewolves away when they spot the risk of a belladonna bounty!

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Halloween Prop

The Dream of theNightmare Halloween Town is filled to the brim with terrifying, scary, and horrifying things. From flying phantasms to raging werewolves, it's hardly a place for anyone with a delicate heart or a sweet temperament.

How, then, is it possible that Sally comes from this mysterious place? Well, it turns out that even the darkest places need to have a little light!

And, if there is anyone who is made of more fun and optimism than Sally, we're not sure we've seen 'em! Product Details Bring the fun ofThe Nightmare Before Christmas to your home with this Sally Prop.

It is an officially licensed hanging figure that you can post on your door or wall. It hangs over five feet long and has wire and movable foam in the arms and legs so that you can pose the doll as you like.

The molded plastic head has a cord loop for easy hanging and the entire figure is decorated to look just like Sally's patchwork construction. It'll be like she's popped out of the film!

Summon Up Sally In a world of magic phrases and mysterious creatures, we all want to bring a little of Halloween Town's fun. Now you can bring Sally to your own home and it won't even involve any strange experiments with Dr.



Funko Sally Half Mask

She's the Only One Who Makes Sense around Here Sandy Claws has a point: Sally is pretty smart when it comes to foreseeing trouble stemming from Jack's sudden interest in holidays other than his. She's wise enough to realize that Halloween needs its Pumpkin King, but loyal and brave enough to stick with her friends when they get into danger.

Product Details Can't shake this feeling that we have that this officially licensed Sally Funko Pop Half Mask is going to help you put together your best Halloween costume yet! The sweet molded mask looks like a stylized verision of Sally's face complete with bobbed red hair, eyelashes, and printed stitch detail.

A viewing port lets you see where you're going. Meant to Be You're no one's creation: You're your own unique individual full of spunk and caring.

The Pumpkin King would have to be an idiot not to notice you when you're wearing this mask.


NBC Sally Cauldron Mug

Something in the Wind When the air seems to be full of foreboding and the October moon seems even chillier than usual, you need an extra-big mug of something hot and sweet and steamy to keep your spirits up and help you save both Halloween and Christmas from Oogy Boogy's schemes. This officially licensed NBC Sally Cauldron Mug with Cover is perfect for taking with you when you escape your scientist creator and run away to watch Halloween Town's other residents perform their big number.

Both of the mug's sides are printed with an artful sketch of Sally!


Nightmare Before Christmas 10 Inch Sally Nutcracker

Health Nut Now, a lot of people may not know this from the film, but Sally is a bit of a health nut. We mean, you could kinda tell from her tinctures and herbal brews, but you have to get pretty deep into The Nightmare Before Christmas lore before discovering that despite being held together by string, Sally rates health as her top priority.


right under Jack, that is. So it should come as no surprise that she consumes a lot of nutsone of nature's superfoods.

Sally touts them for her good sense, calm demeanor, and glowing complexion (at least comparatively, in Halloween Town). Now you can follow Sally's sound lead with this Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Nutcracker!

Get crackin'! Product Details Decked out in her Sandy Claws hat and sporting her most colorful clothes, this little wooden Sally figure is ready to spread some Christmas cheer!

She's toting a little tree and a basket of gifts (we can't vouch for what's in them), and she's ready to crack open your holiday favoriteswalnuts, pecans, almonds, you name it! All It's Cracked Up To Be Don't listen to those naysayers that say cracking nuts by hand isn't worth the effortthey probably wouldn't even know how to sew their own arm back into place.

Nope, take it from Sally; she's a gal who knows what's what.