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A Nightmare on Elm Street - Revenge Glove

Put a Finger On It Somethings been bothering you. When you're out for the night, you've been having strange dreams.

You dreamt that you were deep in some steamy boiling room, playing tag with some girl. You were laughing and having a great, sneaky time at first, but then things got dark.


and so real! A couple of days later, another strange dream happened.

That night, you were a puppet master. When you looked down at your puppet, you were shocked to see that it was alive and in pain!

That was a shocker. You woke up in a cold sweat.

You've dreamt about cockroaches and becoming a baby alien trapped in someone's chest and the worst part is, you are still looking forward to falling asleep every night. Maybe you should take a look at your life and try to put a sharp-bladed finger on why these dreams are rocking your brain!

Product Details This high-quality, detailed Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge glove is created by Trick or Treat Studios. Sculpted by Anders Erikson, a well-known replica maker, you'll be able to notice the quality as soon as Freddy's Revenge glove is out of the box.

The Trick or Treat design team used hundreds of photographs from the movie and behind-the-scenes footage to add incredible amounts of detail to make Freddy's glove really come to life. The glove measures out at 14.

5 inches by 4.5 inches wide.

The metallic, riveted armor of the hand is formed out of copper while the blades are made with stainless steel. Made with high-quality leather, the base of the glove will last through the years.

Looking Sharp The world of Freddy Krueger has been keeping us up at night for generations at this point. Keep the dream alive with a replica that deserves a shining spot in your horror collection.

Now, how about another cup of coffee?

Adult Trick R Treat Sam Costume

Sweetie with a Mean Streak Some people say that they have a serious sweet tooth. But you have to wonder.

How serious is their sweet tooth, really? Are they just talking about using extra syrup on their pancakes?

Or do they rage when they're denied a candy bar? What would you do to get your hands on some sweets?

Would you kill for it? More importantly, would you stop in the middle of a violent act because you've discovered your potential victim had a candy bar in his pocket?

If you can see yourself completely changing your mood once you have chocolate in your hand, you and little Samhain have a lot in common! Costume Details This Sam costume is a cozy and creepy choice for your Halloween festivities.

The costume includes a orange fleece jumpsuit with yellow patches on the front for Sam's scarecrow feel. Shoes covers can slip over your own shoes and will create a seamless spooky look.

The jumpsuit has a faux drop seat and zips up the back. Top this costume off with one of our Trick r Treat Sam masks and you'll be ready to frighten the town in your own sweet style!

Give Him Something Good To Eat What candy has been the favorite part of your trick-or-treat stash since you were little? Have you always been a fan of chocolate and peanut butter?

Or perhaps you're more of a fruit gummi fan. Whatever you prefer, you know the importance of having a luxe stash of candy ready for any trick-or-treaters that come to your door.

Sure, none of the Halloween revelers are going to be quite as mischevious as little Sam, but those that are let down by subpar snacks might end up smashing a few pumpkins! You'll show that candy bowl extra respect once you're dressed up in this Sam costume!


Billy with Moving Mouth Mask

Time to Play Yay, puppets! So fun, right?

Nope. Puppets can go in the same category as clowns, which is basically the "used to be awesome but then were used as tropes in too many horror movies to count, so now if you saw one at a kids' party, instead of being excited you would probably scream and hit it with a baseball bat" category.

A long name for a category, but it describes our feelings about puppets pretty well. Product Details Let everyone know the details of their murderous game-slash-trap when you wear an officially licensed Billy with Moving Mouth Mask for Adults!

The molded latex mask has black faux hair and viewing ports in its red eyes. Bullseye style details on the cheeks and the papier-mache-like "skin" make it look just like John Kramer's creepy sidekick.

Secure the mouth piece around your chin to make the puppet's mouth move when you talk. Hard Pass If a puppet wheels up on a tricycle and asks you to play a game, say no thanks.

And check any supposedly "deceased" people in the room for pulses. Just in case.


Black Trick 'r Treat Sam O' Lantern Bag for Adults

This is aTrick 'r Treat Sam Jack O' Lantern Bag (Black).

Fish Ghoulie- Ghoulies II Puppet

Toilet Ghoulies When we first found these little guys popping up all over our workplace, we were shocked and appalled! For one, they have no sense of propriety or etiquette, and only seem to pop up when they think they are being terribly clever.

They soon learned that we are cleverer than they suspected! We set up mouse traps and fly paper all over the place.

You should have seen their horrible little faces as they realized theyd been captured by some normal humans! Well never forget the satisfaction of ending their reign of terror over us at the office.

That was where the real work began. Over the last ten years, we have used cat food to train these little guys to be the perfect pets.

Now all that work is paying off for fans of the Ghoulie franchise. These little guys still look mean, but they are the friendliest, best-behaved pets imaginable.

That is our gift to you! Monstrous Appearances Though these Ghoulies still have their characteristic mottled skin, bloody, sharp-toothed maw, and hard tail, they are sweet as cherry pie.

These guys love nothing more than being held, or being put on a shadowy shelf where they can startle the unaware. We never thought we would say this, but Ghoulies are truly mans best friend!


Ghoulies II - Cat Ghoulie Replica Puppet

This is a Ghoulies II Cat Ghoulie Puppet.