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Antique Steampunk Watch Gears Ring

Steampunklandia Steampunk is all about invention and imagination. Sure, you've got to stick to certain elements.

You've got to have mysterious pouches and pockets to keep your mysterious devices in. There's a hip pouch for gunpowder and extra springs for your steam-powered smartphone.

Then there are the pockets for all your magnifying glasses and all the keys to wind up your robots, clocks, and maybe even a time machine or two. Okay, let's move on from those mysterious pockets of your Steampunk ensemble, it's taking some self-control.

Believe us. A good Steampunk ensemble also requires a jaunty hat and gear-oriented jewelry!

Product Details When you're putting together that perfect Steampunk ensemble, it's all about the accessories. Stand out in any crowd with this cool brassy Antique Watch Gears Ring.

This piece is intricately crafted with molded coils and cogs so you can be sure the details won't shake loose through your adventures. The brass and zinc alloy ring fits most in one size, too!

Super Steampunk So are you ready to shake things up with a head-turningensemble? Top off any steampunk look with this brassy ring.

Want to add more details to your ensemble? From canes to jewelry to lovely corsets, you'll have a great time scrolling through our Steampunk products.


Chain Gear Steampunk Necklace Antique

The Last Gear You Need For those who love steampunk, they know that the genre is all about the details. A mix of Victorian fashion and old school industrial technology, steampunk strives to create an alternate universe kind of experience.

There is something alluring about the genre's impossibly complicated machinery, expecially when it is blended with old timey clothes. It's as if they SHOULD go togetherthere's no modern technology, or anythingbut you know there is something not quite right.

It's so fun to believe it's real, though! Keep the suspension of disbelief going with intricate costume details like this Chain Gear Necklace Antique.

Product Details Steampunk fashion contains a lot of gears, cogs, springs, and other mechanical machinery pieces. It's not just used on useful pieces like aviator goggles that rotate lenses or canes that can also shoot flames.

Even corsets, belts, and other accessories are decorated with machinery, to keep the costumes part of the made up era. This necklace has all the little cogs and gears you could want!

Even the clasp is a cogwheel and pipe design. The mix of antiqued metal and shining silver adds another element of visual interest.

It's the perfect steampunk necklace!