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Glittery Bridesmaids Headband

You've got it, maid! For better or worse, through Richard, through Pablo, in sickness and selfies.

You've been there for the bride for a while now. Maybe you were even there before her fiance rolled on to the scene.

You've shared secrets, advice, and heartache through the years and now it's time to celebrate the life ahead! Being your friend's bridesmaid is all about showing the lady in white that you're there for her through thick and thin but the bachelorette party is different.

You're there to shimmer, shine, and celebrate! Product Details Wear your title with pride when you slide this glittery Bridesmaid headband on.

With glittery letters that seem to float over your head, it'll be hard to miss what role you're playing at this party! Aisle always Love You Want a look that's perfectly postable while letting you embrace the bachelorette party lifestyle?

A pretty specific request and yet you found it! You can also find matching headbands that say Bride and Maid of Honor so the whole party can match.

If you weren'talready pumped to two-step down the aisle with your besties yet, a night posing in this crown is sure to get humming the wedding march in no time!

Maid of Honor Glitter Headband

Made for Honor You and the bride have been through thick and thin. You totally deserve this title.

Well, don't get us wrong. Not all the moments were honorable.

There was that time when you were out of snacks and you stole her Easter bunny when you were roommates in college. But you've totally made up for that by now!

You've picked her up from the airport. You've listened to her vent over glasses of wine.

You've let her try out new recipes on you (that Indian food phase was painful). You taught her to clean up her resume and talked her out of getting "micro bangs".

You two are made for each other and that's why you deserve to be the maid of honor! Product Details Hen's Party, Bachelorette Party.


call it what you will but it's a night that calls for a little over the top sparkle! This headband balances classy font and silver sparkle for an effect that looks like your title is floating over your head.

Cause in our opinion your badge of honor should be worn as a royal crown! Party On Looking for ways to make the rest of the party feel special?

Of course, you are, it's a party after all! From wild, colorful wigs to crowns, sashes, and sunglasses, we've got all the accessoriesa Bachelorette party could ever ask for.

So raise a glass, this is going to be one to remember!


White Opal Crème Shimmer Makeup

Hardly Human When we put on a costume for Halloween, we often choose an outfit that lets us be rather different from our everyday selves. For some people, that means wearing the uniform for a job they don't have (but maybe wish they did).

Others, like you, might want to take it even further and escape the domain of humanity altogether. When you dress up, you're trying to make everyone who sees you suspect that you hail from some wondrous realm, since you couldn't possibly be a mere Earthling.

Your costume design concepts include words like "otherworldly," "ethereal," and perhaps even "paranormal." To accomplish your desired look, you'll need to curate your costume from head to toe, and we have exactly the right supplies to help!

Product Details You'll be able to achieve an ethereal appearance in no time with this White Opal Shimmer Crme Makeup! Use a small brush to apply it to your eyelids, face, or anywhere else on your body that needs to shine.

It will go perfectly with any outfit that suggests you might be a fantastical creature, whether it's an angel, a fairy, a ghost, or something from your own imagination. Once you're done enchanting your appearance with this glistening makeup, you'll hardly look human!